New Comic Hunter X Hunter: Comic Hunter X Hunter 322

comic hunter x hunter 322

Can killua save gon ?
waht is alluka's secret ??
sillva said to Killua:
"I Respect The Promise i made with you because as your father, you are important to me"
komik hunter x hunter 322
comic hunter x hunter 322

3D kurapika hunter x hunter

3D kurapika hunter x hunter

Hunter X Hunter 6
3D wallpaper hunter x hunter
3D Best hunter x hunter

best killua manga wallpapers Hunte to Hunter


best killua manga wallpapers Hunte to Hunter

best killua wallpapers Hunter to Hunter

best killua wallpapers Hunter to Hunter

gon freecss life in hunter x hunter

Age: 12
Date of birth: 5 May
Blood type: O
Height: 154
Weight: 49
Hunter Entry ID: 405
Nen Type: Development
Nen ability: Jajanken
Description: This is the son of the legendary Hunter Ging freecss and the main character in the series Hunter x Hunter. At the age of nine years, Gon met another Hunter named Kaito, Ging apprentice.Kaito known only rescued the beast and began to say to Gon that his father was alive. The meeting resulted in Gon decides to find her father, and also influenced her to take the Hunter exam from : hot news digital anime.

Kurapika hunter x hunter

Date of birth: 4 April
Age: 17
Blood Type: AB
Height: 171
Weight: 59
Hunter Entry ID: 404
Nen Type: materialization
Nen ability: Emperor Time - 'Absolute Mastery'
Description: Kurapika Kuruta belongs to a tribe of secretive group of people who have chosen to live in darkness. They are the eyes that turn scarlet fire in moments of anger or emotional agitation - iris color remains forever in this state if, at the time of death. Brilliance of this legendary scarlet eyes caused them to be in high demand collector's treasure. Some years ago, the gene Ryodan Kurapika came to town and killed all the members of his tribe, leaving behind dozens of corpses with their eyes dug out in their wake. As the last survivor of his tribe, Kurapika votes to get back all stolen from the eyes of his people, by following the Genei Ryodan down and seek revenge, even though it is to sacrifice their own lives in the name of the tribe process.The Kurapika "is Kuruta" is often used as many fans as his surname. Manga neither confirm nor deny this (Kurapika last name is never mentioned.)

Hunter X Hunter Wallpaper Gallery 5

Hunter X Hunter Wallpaper Gallery 5
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